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Dominque Moceanu Essay, Research Paper

English Vicky Ho

Yonkers Middle 7-10-00

Dominique Moceanu

An American Dream

Introduction by Bela Karolyi

Five Facts About Dominique Moceanu:

? I learned she was the youngest competitor/ champion in the U.S. National Championships.

? I learned she was a fan of her coach Bela Karolyi before training with him because she always saw him on TV.

? I learned she was a fan of her coach Bela Karolyi before training with him because she always saw him on TV.

? I learned her and her family had to move to Texas in order for her to train with Bela.

? I learned she had to give up things like not watching much TV and not being able to hang out with her friends a lot to fit her busy gymnastics schedule.

? I learned she was so devoted to her gymnastics routines that she had kept visualizing them in her sleep, which left her exhausted when she woke up.

Two Problems Dominique Faced:

One dilemma Dominique faced was that she received improper training before working with her new coach Bela Karolyi. She was sloppy and all her moves were unperfected. Eventually, after a few months at Bela?s gym, she learned she had to perfect every moved before moving on to the next.

Another difficulty was that she had trouble sleeping due to the fact that she kept visualizing her routines in her sleep. To solve her problem, Dominique had to reschedule her usual week so she would go to the gym less. After, she had more time to do other things other than gymnastics so that it wouldn?t be the only and most important thing in her life.


book:dominique moceanu

an american dream

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