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Macbeth Essay, Research Paper

 Macbeth: a Tragic Hero

A tragic hero is a person who?s life is determined by four elements: fate, weakness (in

Macbeth?s case, fear), poor decision making, and the realization of flaws with inability to prevent the

oncoming tragedy. First of all, fate is defined as the power or force held to predetermine events.

Fate makes its first appearance in the play when Lady Mac receives Macbeth?s letter which tells of the

witches? prophecies. At this point, Lady Mac is stricken with fear because she is afraid that Macbeth

will not utilize his opportunity to seize the crown, ?Which fate and metaphysical aid doth seem to

have thee crown?s withal? (1.5 29-30). In the end, Macbeth will have to come face to face with his fate

and deal with it accordingly. Secondly, Macbeth?s weakness (fear) is another element in his being a

tragic hero. This weakness is portrayed often in the character of Macbeth. Oftentimes, tragic heroes

must contain the element of fear, because it is a very humanizing element, so therefore without it,

they would be some sort of superior human, which they are not. They are still human, even though

they are heroes. In the case of Macbeth, his fear was created by himself due to the situations which

he has involved himself with. Eventually it is this self-induces, self-produced fear which eats

Macbeth from the inside out. In the end, Macbeth?s fear becomes a totally all-inclusive, all-

consuming creature which takes his life and virtually rapes him of his unlawfully obtained position

of king.


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