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Censorship 6 Essay, Research Paper


What is Obscenity? Clearly something hard to talk about. “Obscenity” is difficult to discuss. After all, what makes a thing obscene? It’s an elusive term we use, but can’t explain. Different people often see things differently. Some see obscenity in nude pictures, statues, etc. Then other people do not find as much obscenity in these things. One thing we should keep in our minds is that, “obscene” is not the same word as “wrong” or “bad”. Many people think that obscenity is identical with evil. Yet a lot of it isnt. It only covers a part of it. But what is that part? When we look at the words “obscenity” and “pornography” it suggests that it is a part of obcenity that didn’t worry people that much until now. Though censorship was known in english law early on. -PORN-. A word that reaches into the hearts of overprotective parents and rips them out. Yet porn has been made sice before we can remember or probably read about. So what is happining to our culture which makes this word so terrible? My famiy moved many places and i saw many cultures and what they can accomplish. America seems so scared to have its almighty tv industry disrespected that they have to limit the amount of violence or words of culture such as F*CK. Who Cares?? We all say it. Our kids will aventually say it. Hell my friends and have been using it since the 7th grade. What are we scared will happen? If a 7 year old child says f*ck will it kill a person? No so what are we worried about? I think its almost like a lid on a can or something like that. Like our human kind is restricted in some way. We have witnessed what an over causous parent did to tv which brings me to my next point.

The world is filled with “obscene” things. And it would seem that the parents of it are just trying to protect their children from the outside world. But does it really help? These days, an average elementary school student knows A LOT of things. They are shown these things by many sources, from television to their friends, they get it all. They can also get the ideas from books. But when they read or hear something it does not mean that they will follow the ideas . Literature is a valued source of knowledge for these children, and should not be held back. So I think rather than applying full censorship, it should be made a yes or no censorship.

Like if you are 15 in the states and you want to go see a damn rated R movie you cannot see it because you are underage . What is this word they mean to describe people as? Like who knows. You might be 10 and have the brain and thoughts of a 13 year old. Or maybe vise versa. Why do we hurt ourselfs like this. We dont get to see real gore but still kids in colorado shoot to kill and some guy walks into jewish communities and almost kills little kids. Now maybe if we took censorship and stuffed it up some network reps ass then maybe it would make the problem worse. Or maybe it just might make the differance. Who knows. But we all know this will never happen. So on to the pits of hell we go.

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