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A School Visit

Are you interested in motorcycles? How about a woman who is not only a

policewoman, but knows how to ride and use a motorcycle that goes up to 100 miles per


This short story, A School Visit, tells of the dedication of officer Alice the main

woman on the Oklahoma s police force. The officer is not only interested in solving

crimes, but is dedicated to share the joys of her police work with the young people of


This story my seem unrealistic but it is very interesting to read. The officer s

communication with the youth leads her to a local High School to speak about the drugs

all over town. Shortly after her arrival, she was approached by the janitor of the school

who has an 11th grade student in custody. The janitor overheard the student brag to his

friends how easy it was to break into the school cafeteria and steal the money from there.

Although this short story is simple it does enlighten us how the police

investigation really work. The officer listens to the story of the accused notice the flaws

or the contridictions in the account. The officer than tries to reenact the crime pointing

out all the reasons why the story could not possibly be the way the accused told his


This short story A School Visit does not only entertain but also reinforces the idea

that women can have the same jobs as men. A School Visit will be enjoyed by anyone

who likes to read mysteries.

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