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Teenagers And Work

In English 1 we read an essay titled Teenagers and Work by Laurence Steinberg and Ellen Greenberger. The two authors give the reader the impression that they don?t agree with teenagers working while still in school. Working among teenagers has become very popular in the society we live in today. Teenagers? working while still in school is necessary in some cases, but not in all.

Some teenagers come from broken homes where they are left with responsibility of taking care of themselves and maybe even their siblings. In this society there are a lot of families that are single parent families, families with parents on drugs, and families in which the parents just have a low amount of income. In these cases teenagers are left with no other choice but to work. Sometimes where there is a single parent family, there is usually not enough or just enough money for everyone in the family to eat and live healthy. When families have parents with low income this doesn?t mean that teenagers absolutely have to work because the government offers financial assistance to low income families but it is not much. This means the teenagers can work to bring more money to the household, which means more food on the table. When there is a family with parents on drugs, this may mean that teenagers will have to wok if they want to survive. When parents tend to do drugs they tend to forget the responsibilities they have. These families usually have low incomes that?s used on drugs along with the money government provides. This is a time when the children of the family have it very rough. These are cases when teens have to work and really should work. While in some cases teens work when they don?t have to.

Some teenagers will work when they don?t need to work. A teen can come from a well-established family where the parents will give the children almost anything and the children will still go out and get a job. Teens get jobs when they don?t have to because they see almost everyone else has a job and feel they should get one to fit in. On top of trying to fit in there are all kinds of different employers that make it seem like it is a good thing for teens to work, just so they can get the teens to work for them. Employers prey on teens because they know the teens want the extra money and they can pay them less than they would adults. Teens that get jobs just use the money for spending money, to go out with friends and to buy clothes and shoes. Teens that work are not fully aware that while they are working they are taking a chance of their grades slipping.

While a teen is working there is almost no way to maintain the same grades if challenging classes are being taken. After school instead of a teen doing homework, they will be at work. If a teen is at work the majority of the time after school, there is no time for homework. This means either grades are slipping due to lack of completion of assignments or the teen is tired because they stayed up half the night doing homework. This I know from personal experience. Another mistake that some teens make but not many of them, is doing extra curricular activities and still trying to work. This is just pushing a bit too hard. Teens may push themselves to the max to prove they have some responsibility.

Teens may also feel in order to break away from their parents control they need to work. All of a teens life they are depending on their parents. when a parent does everything for a teen and buys everything, they have control ovr the things they did and bought. For example, if a parent buys a teen a car they can say where a teen can go in a car, who can ride in the car and what can happen in the car. If a teen buys a car with his/her own money, the only thing the parents can have control over is what time they have to be home. This is a form of a teen teaching himse;f/herself responsibility. Everyone should learn responsibility while they are still young and not yet independent. When a teen works they are not only learning how to be responsible, but they are learning more so independence.

A teenager working while going to school is not a good idea. Some teens have to work in order to survive so they can?t really be criticized. Others that do work but don?t need to should be criticized. Not to give the wrong idea about teens working, there is nothing wrong with a teen working on weekends and in the summertime to occupy their time if there is nothing better to do.

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