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Myth Essay Essay, Research Paper

A great phenomenon that all humans have questioned at one time in their life is “Why does it rain?” These phenomena would cause humans to create a myth about why it rains. The myth starts off by understanding that tribes are God’s plants within his garden. The ground where the plants root system lies is within the earth. God wants his plants to be ripe and ready to harvest. Therefore, he takes care of his plants and waters them. When he waters his plants, which represent tribes, we call it rain. When God is disappointed at a plant he tries to help them out by giving them an abundance of water. This is what we call a flood. When God gets angry at a plant, he doesn’t give them any rain. This is known as a drought. Our God is a perfectionist and doesn’t make the good suffer for the bad. This is the reason why it can rain in one part of the country but in the other part of the country it doesn’t rain.

In order for plants to get water they have to look good. Plants look good by withstanding the powerful winds of nature. This symbolizes how when the struggles of life, which are causes by the evil being, is making you sad and weighing you down you need to stand tall and not be shaken.

The symbol the tribes used to represent rain was a picture of a God watering the earth. The reason is because it is giving you a picture behind the whole myth. If someone seen this symbol they can automatically assume that God was pouring out water upon the earth.

The moral behind this myth was mainly to cause the people of the tribes to maintain a life that was pleasing in the site of God. This caused them to have less crime and to worship God. They felt when they worshipped God that they were being faithful and practicing a good work. This is why many of the tribes spent their time worshipping their God.

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