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Since the introduction of computers into our society, there have been countless advancements in this technology. One of the most frequently used output devices in the computer system is the printer. Like all other components of the computer, this piece of equipment has been developed and improved over time. When the printer was first created, it was only able to duplicate simple letters and symbols. However, this device is now able to produce colorful graphic images as well as traditional printed documents. These printing options have become easier and less expensive to use, so it stands to reason that this trend will continue in the future. Although the use of “paperless” documents such as e-mail are increasing in popularity, many people still prefer to read from a physical page in lieu of a computer screen. Many areas such as advertising and word processing rely on the various aspects of printing technology. For these reasons I believe that color technology for printers will become more commonplace, more affordable, and more necessary for many users.

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