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Pharmacists are responsible for safe transfer and

drug administration for patient care; watching

over technicians; order entry; drug monitoring

and providing drug information to nurses and

physicians. Dispenses drugs to wards, clinics, and

clients; prepares special compounds and

approved prescriptions and consults with medical

staff about the use and control of drugs.

The practice of pharmacy within each state is

regulated by the laws of the state, including the

regulation of licensure for pharmacy practice. To

practice pharmacy in any state, a pharmacist

must become a registered pharmacist (RPh), also

known as a licensed pharmacist. Pharmacists are

licensed by the State Board of Pharmacy.

Requirements are different depending on the

state, but in general, to be licensed a pharmacist


–Bachelor’s degree (5 year program) or

advanced pharmacy degree (Pharm.D., M.S.)

from an accredited college of pharmacy

–Participate in residency or internship programs

to acquire direct, "hands-on" patient care


–Pass a an examination, known as the

NABPLEX (National Association of Boards of

Pharmacy Licensing Examination)

ANNUAL SALARY – $44,727 to $61,224 -


HOURLY SALARY – $21.42 to $29.32 -


I don’t think I would want to be a pharmacist

because it seems like too much responsibility, not

that I don’t want responsibility, but what if I

mess up on a prescription on accident and a

patient gets really sick because of me. Its the

kind of job that if I mess up, it will make me feel

really bad because I hurt someone physically.

Also I’m not good at mixing drugs and things like


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