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Maverick And Oakhust: Gamblers At Heart Essay, Research Paper

Maverick and Oakhust: Gamblers at Heart

There come a time when a man has to do what a man has to do. Sometimes It is standing up for himself when confronted with a problem or other times it’s just turning tail and running. John Oakhurst from “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” and Maverick from the movie Maverick , both know when to push there limits.

John Oakhurst is a Gambler who is as proper as a person can get when in the gambling business, for example once after winning all this kids money he gave it right back because the game was unfair to the kid since john was a professional poker player. Well from then on things started going down hill for John. First the people of Poker Flat wanted all of the troublemakers (scum) out of their town, and of corse this included John. He took the news calm and cool because that is the type of man John was, so along with three other Troublemakers he started off to a new town.

As the for of them were walking through the woods heading to a new town they ran into a horseman. When the horseman stopped John recognized him as Tom Simson. With him was his wife Piney, they had just recently gotten married. They all decided o ride together and started off again, but soon it became dark and stormy so they stopped at a cabin that was empty. soon the weather got very bad and they were trapped in the cabin. Weeks went by and nothing changed and they all started to starve. John then decided to go and try to get help. He was gone for a long time and when the weather broke some men found him under a tree with a bullet in his head from his own gun.

Maverick also has his hard times, but he does not die. His problem is that he is Five thousand dollars short for the biggest poker game of the century. In order to get the money that he needs Maverick goes to all his friends that owe him money, but soon he realizes that they are all trying to stiff him out of his money that they owe. While trying to get money from one friend he runs into a man that cheats at poker. This man picks a fight with Maverick but before he can some dirty looking men grab Maverick and try to hurt him; What the Man doesn’t know is that Maverick has paid these men to look like they get beat up. After many friends gone by Maverick is finally at the big game and is in the last four when he takes a brake. During his break some men knock him out and lock him up in his room. Talk about bad luck. With just One minute left Maverick escapes and makes back to the table to win the game.

There are many things about each man that are the same, for instance both play poker fairly and both act very cool when in bad conditions. Although they both had different endings both John Oakhurst and Bret Maverick learned how to deal with their problems in order to survive.

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