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One day three years ago Tim and I where fishing and I said to him you should sign up for my scuba diving class. Then he said “I am not going diving I will get eaten by a shark!” Then I told him don’t worry I have been diving for ten years and I have never been eaten by a shark. He Finally agreed to taking the class.

A week later we had gotten together to do class. I told him that I will take him to the Dry Tortugas for his check out dives. He thought that was a very Good idea. We got all of our camping gear together and bought him diving gear. We were bringing eight tanks with us because there is no place to fill them there. We drove all the way to key west and then put the boat in the water. Then we started the 70 mi. Trip to the Dry Tortugas. It took us about three hours to get there. As soon as we got there we set up the tent and went fishing. We caught three big groupers and then we went to the Fort and went swimming at the beach. The next morning after breakfast we got on a boat and went to a diving spot I knew about. I drove the boat while Tim lowered the anchor. Once that it was set we put on all of our diving stuff and jumped in. The REEF was about 30 ft. Deep. We saw a lot of the fish, we also saw some lobster. We stayed down for about forty-five minutes, once we came to the surface Tim said that he had fun diving. We ate lunch on the boat. Then we set up for the next dive. We decided to go diving in the same spot again. Once we started to descend my regulator stopped giving me air. I grabbed my spare but it did not work either. A was out of air! When I turned a round I did not see him. Then I looked up and saw him. I grab his foot and took his spare regulator. We rose to the surface slowly. Once we were on the boat Tim asked me if I was OK. I decided that we had enough diving for one trip, Tim agreed with me and I suggested that we go fishing. We started to troll by the Wind Jamer wreck, we got a big fish on the line and Tim started to rail real it in. Then I saw a huge shadow in the water, then the fishing pole went flying out of Tim’s hand and into the water. It was getting late so we went back to camp for the night.

In the morning we took down the tent, and packed everything into the boat. We took off towards our snorkeling destination. We anchored near the Wind Jamer, and put on our snorkeling things. We jumped in the water and started towards the wreck. Once we were in the water we started to see a lot of fish. When we got closer to the wreck, I started to think about the shadow I had seen the day before. We were in the water for about a half hour when I saw my fishing pole laying on the bottom of the ocean floor. I pointed it out to Tim, and before I could stop him he was on his way down to the bottom. I saw what was making the shadow. A ten foot long shark started to circle Tim. Then, it started to run into him. Then all I saw was blood. It was everywhere! I could not even see him! I saw the shark slowly swim away with something in its mouth. I thought it was Tim. I swam down to see if it left anything. I saw Tim’s limp body floating in the water.

I pulled him to the surface. He started to breath. I pulled him onto the boat, his leg was gone! I called the coast guard, and they said, ” We have a helicopter near by, we will send it right out!” Now all we had to do was wait. Then the helicopter came. When Tim was loaded on the stretcher, he said, “I told you I would get eaten by a shark!” Then he was hoisted up to the helicopter. He was loosing a lot of blood.

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