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Jesus Essay, Research Paper


Jesus is the center of Christianity, born in Bethlehem in Judea. To believers

Jesus is the son of Mary. He is the son of God. Jesus was divine but led an

ordinary life. Jesus was also a teacher. His method of teaching was without flaw.

He taught by his example. Jesus lived by his faith, and his faith was in God.

Jesus’s twelve students or disciples helped spread the word of God or

Christianity. When I think of everything that is good in the world and what

brings about peace and harmony it makes me think of Jesus. I believe Jesus’s

life brought much hope to the world. Hope that one day if they lived a morally

good life that they would be rewarded with a paradise called heaven. I also

believe that Jesus’s suffering and serves as an example for us when we face hard

or difficult times. I believe that Jesus had great respect and love for his

parents which makes me strive to be like him. To me Jesus was a gentle person

who was compassionate and was forgiving toward sinners no matter how great the

sin was. I also see Jesus as a loving friend, parent, and guardian.

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