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Amistad Newspaper Essay, Research Paper



The Africans Granted Their Freedom

Written by; Cary F Smith

In November of 1839, the District Court proceeding began. The abolitionists immediately began to make their case, that is until being postponed by Judge Andrew Jackson. In January of 1840, Jackson ruled that the Africans were illegally enslaved, at which point the White House and Spanish authorities appealed Judson?s ruling in the U.S. Circuit court. In April 1840, Justice Thompson ruled in favor of Judson?s ruling, which led the Administration to appeal the case up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Congressman and former U.S. President John Quincy Adams joined Baldwin in the abolitionists? team, to fight for the Africans right to regain their freedom, and return to their homeland. After a month, the U. S. Supreme Court reached a decision to reverse Judson?s order to the execuited to return the Africans to their homeland. However, The Supreme Court upheld Judson?s finding that the Africans had been enslaved and thus the right to fight for their freedom.

Now today, November 27, thirty-five torchered Africans are breading the Gentleman and returning to their homeland, Africa. The others, God rest their souls, died at sea or in prison awaiting trial.

This information was gathered from the viewing of the movie Amistad and from the reading of these web addresses: http://www.lihistory.com/vault/hs51921v.htm and http://amistad.mysticseaport.org/timeline/amistad.html

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