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Jury Essay, Research Paper

Members of the jury – you have been chosen because you are a captive audience. You will be required to submit a verdict of guilty or not guilty at the end of this trail by raising the appropriate card. The Foreman will tally the votes and tell the judge.

The courtroom is now in secession the Honorable Judge Bonnie is presiding

Forman, is the jury ready?

Case # BBA 329

WLS West Loop South vs Ima Slacker

Will the defendant please rise?

You are charged with

3 – counts of being late to study group w/o calling

1 – count of not doing your part of the assignment

1 – count of yelling and throwing

How do you plead?

Please be seated.

Defense; please call your first witness.

Place your hand on the LeTourneau Catalogue. Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth?

Over Ruler

Sustained – Restate the question

Please approach the bench

Prosecutor, do you wish to cross-examine?

Witness please step down.

Prosecutor your closing statements

Defense your closing statements

Jury please vote.

Foreman, has the jury reached a verdict?

Defendant please stand

Forman, please read the verdict.

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