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Affirmative Action is Ridiculous

Affirmative action is a step backwards. We are back to color and race differences. We are all Americans. Affirmative action should be abolished solely because we do not want to make the same mistake our society made in the past — discriminate according to color. Two wrongs do not make a right.

Many people say that we should keep affirmative action to render fairness to the minorities because of the wrongs that was once put on to them. This simply does not make sense. To compensate someone, a person must have gone through an experience. People today did not go through such discrimination, as their past ancestors did. How can we punish someone for what they had no control? Our white society today did not commit the wrongs that were committed a generation ago. We should not punish them, but rather treat everyone fairly. We should treat everyone as Americans.

Under the affirmative action law, our schools are currently recruiting students according to race and color. If schools and universities should have too recruit by race and color, then why shouldn?t professional sports teams have to do that also. If a professional basketball team for example, could only recruit a certain number of African-Americans, or a certain number of Caucasians, I guarantee that sports lovers would view affirmative action with different views.

The solution by supporters of affirmative action is to lower the school?s standards so that they can accept a more diverse group of students. This solution is ridiculous. We should not lower our standards. Instead, all students should raise their own standards in order to improve our society. An Asian student coming out of high school with a 4.0 GPA, and a list of extra curricular activities would not be accepted simply because of his ethnicity. Instead the school would rather accept a Mexican student with a 3.0 GPA. Why should the student who did not study as hard be rewarded just because of his race?

To have a stable society, we must move away from affirmative action. This is not the way to solve anything. Affirmative action will just cause more hostility between races, which in turn, can lead to hatred.

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