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Character Analysis

Eric Calhoune was an overweight boy through his school years. As a

result of his weight problem, he was often ridiculed and was emotionally

distraught until he began to shed some of his extra pounds and make new


Sarah Byrnes was burned by her angry father when she was three years

old. Her father did not allow her to have reconstructive surgery, so her

appearance was unsightly. Her family life was rough and, as a result, she built a

strong outer complex and was sure to defend any loser or outcast in the school,

including Eric.

Ellerby was the rebellious son of an Episcopal preacher. Ellerby was

always sure to express his views on any subject, especially when it dealt with

topics such as the juxtaposition of man and God in the universe.

Dale Thorton, a repeated eighth grader, was a school bully who was

larger than all the other students, on account of his older age and, thus, was a

threat to all in the school. Dale, a man with few friends, finally found a

companion in the headstrong Sarah Byrnes, because she was one of the few

students who wouldn t take Dale s crap.

Mark Brittain was a handsome, smart, Christian boy whose perspective on

life stems from a strong Christian home and community. His self-righteous

attitude was a result of the morally high standards he was forced to live up to.

Mautz was the vice-principal of the school. Mautz, also a strong

Christian, especially favored those students who shared his beliefs over those

who did not. Needless to say, his beliefs oppose the separation of Church and

state. Mautz also despised those who would try to make right the social

societies in middle or high school, especially Eric and Sarah Byrnes. Mautz,

however, was not man enough to even mutter a word, disrespectful or otherwise,

to the disfigured Sarah Byrnes.

Lemry was the lovely, young swimming coach and teacher of the

Contemporary American Thought class. Lemry felt that each student should

have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings, even on the most

bizarre of subjects. Lemry was not only a teacher, but also a friend and

confidant to her students.

Virgil Byrnes was the father of Sarah Byrnes. A bitter and abusive man,

he was the one who scarred his daughter for life. When Sarah Byrnes was only

three years old, he scared her mother away, becoming her only family and also

her worst enemy.

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