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There are many people in Russia who don?t agree with Stalin or any of his policies. This upset the leader and he wanted to crush this opposition the only way he knew how– terror. The program of terror he began was called ?The Great Purge?. He even formed a secret police.

These actions spread fear throughout Russia. He eliminated anyone who gave a threat to his power. These people, some innocent, were sent to labor camps or even killed. The victims included thousands of old communist Bolsheviks who had been associated with Lenin. Stalin even turned on his own government. He arrested 1,108 of the 1,966 delegates in the 17th Congress.

Stalin also began a cult of adulation. The cult proclaimed him as a genius in every field of human endeavor.

Now, 1938, four years after the start of Stalin?s Purge, the terror has begun to slow down, but it?s almost too late. His dictatorship has become entirely personal, unrestrained by any party or other institution. What can we do to help our country free itself of this suffering?

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