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Adam’s Song Essay, Research Paper

Adam’s Song

I never thought I?d die alone

I laughed the loudest who?d have known?

I trace the cord back to the wall

No wonder it was never plugged in at all

I took my time, I hurried up

The choice was mine I didn?t think enough

I?m too depressed to go on

You?ll be sorry when I?m gone

I never conquered, rarely came

16 just held such better days

Days when I still felt alive

We couldn?t wait to get outside

The world was wide, too late to try

The tour was over I?d survived

I couldn?t wait till I got home

To pass the time in my room alone

I never thought I?d die alone

Another six months I?ll be unknown

Give all my things to all my friends

You?ll never set foot in my room again

You?ll close it off, board it up

Remember the time that I spilled the cup

Of apple juice in the hall

Please tell mom this is not her fault

I never conquered, rarely came

But tomorrow holds such better days

Days when I can still feel alive

When I can?t wait to get outside

The world is wide, the time goes by

The tour is over, I?ve survived

I can?t wait till I get home

To pass the time in my room alone

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