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Original Myth Essay, Research Paper

Once their was a old couple who lived in a village near the country-side. The

village they lived in didn?t have a lot of food. The couple had a chicken who had just

had seven baby chicks. One day a monk came to the village to teach the people there

because they had very poor or no education. The monk had not eaten all day and said that

he was very hungry. The people in the village panicked because they were so poor and

barely had enough food to support themselves. They didn?t want to anger him because

they knew if they did they would also anger the Gods. The only source of food was the

chicken the old couple had. At first the couple didn?t want to kill it, but then they thought

of what might happen if they angered the monk. Once the mother of the seven chicks

found out that she was going to die, she went to tell the oldest of the seven chicks about it

and told him to take care of his brothers and sisters. The couple filled a pot with water and

started to boil it. Once the water was ready they put the mother chicken in when she was

still alive. The little chicks had just seen their mother die and suffer, so they were really

sad. The oldest one was so sad that he jumped in the pot right after her mother did and the

rest followed him. The monk saw this and felt sorry for them and felt that it was his fault.

He made the little chicks who cared so much for their mother into stars in the sky in order

to honor them. The constellation that the stars form now are known as the Big Dipper.

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