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What Do I Eat Before I Compete Essay, Research Paper

Jordan Brown

Sports Nutrition

What do I eat before I compete? A burning question in the

minds of athletes all around the world. In an article written by Kristin

J. Reimers, MS, RD of the International Center for Sports Nutrition in

Omaha, Nebraska. She presents the reader with an unbiased approach

towards what to eat before competing, by unbiased, she doesn?t just

recommend a certain meal for all athletes alike, but she gives helpful

hints and advice for all outlooks of athletics. She starts by saying there

is no secret to a precompetion meal. Dr. Reimers presents simple

reminders of what to keep in mind before a competition things to help

you stay hydrated, top off your carbohydrates stores, provide blood


The Doctor goes on by breaking precompetion down into different categories like marathon and power or sprint in sports such as football. She adds one key note to the article which I believe is very crucial all human bodies are different we were all created unique. Each body type will require a different meal intake to be fueled or ready for an event.

Handling the butterflies and dealing with adrenaline. She presents us with many examples of how pregame effects your eating habits. If your one to get nervous eating certain solids may cause diarrhea, so she suggests certain meal replacement drinks. Before competitions eat foods you know will agree with you, keep track of what you have eaten before games. She explains consistency is key and ends the article with saying keep it simple, eat foods you like and eat the same kinds of foods you eat all the time.

I found this article simple to read and easy to understand. It doesn?t discriminate any athletic groups it provides information to benefit all those involved in sports. Not only does it deal with the physical but it deals with the mental.

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