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In the play Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly I think that all of the character are all aimed to be held responsible for Eva Smith s death, though I think that some are more to be blamed than others are. Though as it was written in the 1940s and set in 1912 the vocabulary used is quite different to today s language.

Sheila a member of the younger generation along with Gerald in the play is who I feel is one of the main culprits I went to the manager of Millwards and I told him that if he didn t get rid of the girl, I d never go near the place again and I d persuade mother to close her account there this witty passage implies that she uses the power of her wealth to get an innocent girl be sacked just because one day she was in a bad mood. This creates tension as the audience gets the impression that when she s in a mood she do something mean enough to make a girl commit suicide.

I think that Gerald also had a major part to play in death of Eva Smith, but not as big as most of the other characters, and he knew it look here sir, wouldn t you I was out of this this suggests that he s trying to wriggle his way out by acting like a young innocent boy, this gets that audiences suspicions up about the young man. I think that Gerald tries his hardest to get rid of the inspector we can t help of as we don t know anything which to the audience is a complete give away, because if he didn t know anything he would have been perfectly happy to assist the inspector with his inquires.

Eric is the main person to blame for me, as the way I see it is that he s trying his hardest in every possible way to get of hole that he s dug himself into I m sorry but you see we were having a little party and I ve had a few drinks, including a rather a lot of champagne and I ve got a headache and as I m only in the way here I think I d better turn in here this suggests to me that he is trying to in a way cover himself by leaving the scene as he himself along with the audience know that he used Eva for his own personal pleasure.

I know that Mr Birling has something to play in this I don t see where I come into this this gives the impression that he knows something and he s trying to keep it quiet.

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