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Kama Sutra Essay, Research Paper

The Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is the world’s oldest and most widely read guide to the pleasures and techniques of sex. It was compiled in the fourth century A.D. by Brahmin and religious scholar named Vatsyayana who worked from texts dating back to the fourth century B.C. The Kama Sutra deals with all aspects of sexual life, including marriage, adultery, prostitution, group sex, sadomasochism, male and female homosexuality, and transvestism. And by dealing with all aspects of sexual life Kama Sutra describes and demonstrates the pleasures and techniques of sex in each of the different situations. Through the text as the Kama Sutras concepts toward the pleasures and techniques of sex are explained and demonstrated to the reader, some of these concepts do not satisfy and convince the reader about the Kama Sutras assertions of the pleasures and techniques of sex.

As I read the Kama Sutra I found couple of interesting parts of the text where I had to agree and disagree with Kama Sutra. I will first write about my disagreements with Kama Sutra. The first thing that I disagree with Kama Sutra is the art of scratching where it states that, “scratching increases excitation ” Why I disagree with this idea of scratching is because besides pain I don’t see any part of the scratching giving any kind of pleasure or increasing of excitation to the man or woman during lovemaking. By reading the chapter on scratching I learned something new because in my whole life I have never seen or heard anything about scratching during lovemaking. The part of the text where I also disagree about scratching is when it states that, “Scratches left on the body reminds the woman of the man and the moment when she and her mate were making love ” Why I disagree with this is that because its true that marks on a body reminds a person in detail the background of that mark, for example, when I was a kid I accidentally cut myself with a knife and now I have a mark on my left hand, and whenever I see that mark I get a little flash back of how it happened, the pain, the blood and the feeling that I had. And that is why I disagree with the scratching because it is the same with sex and what I mean by this is that if I have sex with my lover and I scratch her and if the sex was not good she is going to see that scratch and she is going to remember about the sex and that it was not good and because of that she will not want to make love with me and have sex with me again. It could also be the other way around in other words if the sex was good and the women sees the scratch later on she is going to remember the good sex and she is going to want more of that. In that case I also disagree about scratching even if the sex was good because if I scratch my girlfriend when I am having sex with her she is going to think that I am crazy and she is also going to feel pain and abused and because of that she wont like to have sex with me again. Maybe scratching is really causing excitement for other individuals and its also reminding them about the good times. But to me scratching definitely does not give any kind of excitement or pleasure and because of that I think that scratching is not for me, and it will never be in any part of my love making skills.

In the Kama Sutra I also disagree with the part about biting the different parts of the body during sex. The idea of biting is not new to me, in other words I’ve heard about it and I’ve also seen it being performed, but I have never tried it and I will never try it. I have an Indian friend his name is Sabat, he told me about biting. It was kind of weird the first time I heard about it because it didn’t make sense to me why anyone will bite their lover when they are making love. And when I asked Sabat, “why do you bite during sex?” he didn’t have an answer for me, then he thought about it and said, ” because it feels good” and he also told me that “its like part of sex, its kind of like kissing in a violent way”. After Sabat told me about it I still could not visualize it until one day I saw this horrible pornographic video where the male was biting the females nipples and around her breasts, that was the weirdest video I have ever seen because the woman was in pain and it looked like the man was enjoying it. When I saw that video I asked to my self, “I wonder where do people get stupid ideas like biting the nipples and around the breast during sex”. I was stuck with that question until couple of months later I took Sociology 120 and I was introduced to the Kama Sutra. Then after reading the chapter about biting in the Kama Sutra I saw where all the biting came from. What it states about biting is that just like kisses and caresses biting the different parts of the body increases the excitation and it also adds fun and more pleasure toward sex. The reason why I don’t like the idea of biting is that I don’t see how biting could add fun and more pleasure toward sex besides adding pain. I will never try biting during sex because I believe that it will causes pain to my partner. The other reason why I don’t see biting as a part of my sexual life is that, it does not look good and besides that I don’t see how biting increases excitation because in order for me to increase my excitation during sex I like to touch and feel the smoothness and the obstacles on the females body with my hands and fingers. And with my teeth and biting maybe I could touch her body but I won’t feel anything because teeth are not sensitive enough to feel the smoothness and the obstacles on her body and because of that my excitation won’t increase. It is also stated in the Kama Sutra the many different ways of biting, and the different marks made by biting. But still it does not interest me because I don’t see why I would make marks on the female’s body by biting. All I know is that biting the female’s body and the different parts of her body is not for me.

As I read the chapter, “Petting and Caresses” in the Kama Sutra, I found some interesting ideas where I agree with the Kama Sutra. One of the ideas in that chapter which I thought was interesting is about kissing, and through that chapter it talks about the different types of kisses and the different parts of the body where kisses should be applied. By reading this chapter I also learned the names of the kisses that I had performed but never knew they had names such as tongue combat, Nominal, the inflamer, the encouragement, and the awakening. In the Kama Sutra it states that, “kissing is a part of lovemaking, but one must know when and how to do it”. I agree with Kama Sutra when it states that kissing is part of lovemaking because lovemaking begins with kisses and it ends with kisses. We even have seen this in our televisions when couples are together they start kissing here and there and then they get dipper into love until the male penetrates the female and at the end they finish the act with soft kisses. I also agree with Kama Sutra because of my own life, and what I mean by this is that when I make love to my girlfriend the first thing that I do is kiss her on the cheek, then her neck, then her lips. My girlfriends favorite kiss is when I kiss her neck, and I think I like that too because for some reason it feels good. As stated in the Kama Sutra kisses should be applied on the brow, the cheeks, the throat, the eyes, a woman’s breast, the lower lip, and inside the mouth. Form those entire place the only place where I have not kissed my girlfriend are here eyes and her breasts. I have not kissed her eyes because I didn’t think of that before, but I have thought of kissing her breasts and I have never tried it. After reading this chapter I thought that there is nothing wrong with kissing her breasts and that I should do it the next time I make love to her. So I tried it and she noticed that it was something new but I think she liked it, I know I liked it because it felt good when my lips touched her smooth and soft breasts. I think that there is nothing wrong with all the different types of kisses that are stated in the Kama Sutra, and I also believe that Kama Sutra has a very good description and a good explanation about the different types of kisses and also how and where to apply these kisses.

In the Kama Sutra another thing that interested me was the chapter where it talks about the sizes of the male sexual organ and the different types of the female sexual organ. I Kind of believe the Kama Sutras concept that the male sexual organ comes in different sizes and I think that it will be impossible for all the guys to have the same sized penis because every guy has a different body for example, some are fat, thin, tall, short and I believe that each body has its own size of penis which satisfies him. But when it states that there are 3 different sizes of the male sexual organ such as the stallion, bull, and the hare this is where it kind of gets interesting because for some reason I don’t understand how it could be possible. It gets more interesting when it talks about the female sexual organ, because it states that there are 3 different types of female sexual organ, which differ by smell, the size of the female body, type of her skin, etc. And the interesting part is when it states that in order to have great pleasure from sex the size of the male organ should be matched with a type of the female organ, in other words not all the combinations of the 3 male and the 3 female sexual organs result in a great pleasure and sexual enjoyment. More or less I myself agree with the Kama Sutras concept of the matching sexual organs, and I agree because of my own sexual experience. What I mean by this is that as a young guy I have committed the sexual act several times with different women and from those experiences I always remember my experience with Cindy and Anna. I always remember Cindy, my ex girlfriend because with her sex was never good for some reason my penis always popped out, and I always think of my current girlfriend Anna because with her I always enjoy sex, and its good all the time. And from my experience I agree with Kama Sutra, because Cindy and me probably didn’t have matching organs and that’s why the sex was poor. But on the other hand I believe that Anna and me have matching organs because I have a blast every single time.

Through the text, the Kama Sutra introduces the reader to the many possible sexual activities and to many of the concepts and ideas that deal with sexuality. In most of the cases I believe that other individuals will agree with many of the Kama Sutras ideas and teachings about sexuality. There are also some parts of the Kama Sutra that are not suitable for some people for example biting and scratching does not interest me but it may be causing a great pleasure for another individuals. Overall I believe that the Kama Sutra is a good book and it’s like the encyclopedia of the human sexuality that teaches us about us and sexuality.

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