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Heavy Tax Essay, Research Paper

Have you paid your taxes yet? Why are taxes so crucial for a country? Because taxes are the main revenues of the government and just like a father has to work and get pay to support the family, taxes support the growing and the maintaining of the country. Being one of the essential incomes of a state, taxes certainly affect people??s life. In fact, different rates of taxes cause different kinds of problems to the society. For example, excessive heavy rate of taxes might cause a country to corrupt, and extremely light rate of taxes might cause inflation. If a country have heavy tax rates, people will contribute less spending, get lazy on the work, moreover, the homeless will over rely on the social benefit, and as a result, the society will suffer from all these effects.

Imagine that you are in an all-new country name Sonoma. People that live in this country have the same kind of life standard like what we enjoy now, but only with the tax rate that is twice as high as ours. With this high rate of taxes, the first problem that will arrive is that prices will increase. The prices of gifts, clothes, video games, computers, movie tickets and everything we can obtain in the shopping mall are raised. Consequently, the people in Sonoma won??t have too much extra money to spend on merchandises. With this problem along with the country for a long time, shopping malls might start to fire employees that don??t perform as well; more people might lose their jobs as time passes. The result might force the country??s economy into a depression.

Now, if there are a lot of people that don??t have a job, they will become homeless. And with this excessive tax rate, there will be a lot of social programs for this country. With the helping hands of the government, the homeless will drop their pride and receive the benefits that are provided by the community. They will become so rely on the social benefit and won??t try to get a job. They might still live with the social benefit, but for their children, they won??t get a chance to go to college or study for a higher degree. The next generation will only obtain the education that the state could provide them; twelve years of public education and become high school graduates.

Another assumption of the effect of heavy rate taxes is that workers might get lazy. However, this effect cannot be linked with the previous two effects. As everyone knows, most countries in the world use the proportion tax rate system, which means that people with higher income are required to pay more taxes. With the expected consequence of paying more taxes when salaries rise, people??s intention of working hard and getting more salaries will drop. People know that if they earn more money, they are going to pay a higher share of tax, and without a doubt, no ones would like to contribute more to the government than what they are required to. Therefore, people will just get lazy and enjoy an easier life.

Taxes have turn out to be one of the most burdens in people??s life; no one can escape from it. From long ago, it is illegal for not to paying the taxes because the whole country and the next generation have depended on the taxes. As you can see, both of heavy rate taxes or light rate taxes are link to numerous problems and the final result will cause one country to corrupt. Don??t even think about not to pay the taxes because of the personal advantage.

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