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There has been a lot of things that led to American Independence. Many things were done by both the colonies and Great Britain that all built up to the Declaration of Independance and the Revolution. Economics, religion, society, and government all had parts in the American Independence.

Economics was a big issue with the colonists. The King of Britain issued many unfair taxes on them. He taxed tea, stamps, and other things. The money from the taxes went into the King’s pocket and he also used it to pay for the military, which is unfair because a free people shouldn’t have to pay for the British military just because the King wants to force the military on the colonists. The colonists had no choice in whether or not they recieved help from the British military. Britain helped them and made them pay for it. Today, taxes pay for the well being of the country. It funds the government and the military, which protects America’s welfare.

Religion was a big reason the colonists came to America in the first place. In Britain, they had no choice in religion, so they came to America where they are free to practice any religion they want. Although Britain allowed them to come to America, it still tried to maintain almost complete control over the colonies.

The colonists enjoyed many new freedoms in the American colonies, but Britain would not loosen it’s grip on them. Britain refused to let them expand their colonies West of the Appalachian Mountains, and it imposed many unfair laws and acts on the colonies. After a while, most of the colonists became fed up with Britains unfairness. Some colonists, on the other hand, prefered the life that Britain offered them: no opporitunity, but definite money. The people who opposed Britain wrote articles like Common Sense, to persuade the other colonists to revolt. Soon, Thomas Jefferson composed the Declaration of Independence and sent it to Britain. Today, America is a cultural melting pot. There are many people of different ethnic backrounds who all live in America and have equal opporitunity and rights.

The American government is free and can be changed by the people to meet the people’s needs. It is a democracy whose purpose is to serve the people and provide them with choices in government representatives and laws. The government’s branches are balanced to ensure that one branch will not become more poweful than the other two.

America has come a long way since it was struggling to separate from Britain. The government is a fair democracy, that taxes for the well being of the entire country. People enjoy many rights, such as the freedom to practice their own religions. Finally, every person has the opporitunity to lead prosperous and successful lives as Americans.

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