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What Daddies Do Essay, Research Paper

What Daddies Do

As a young girl, my father would often read to me

before I went to bed. I can distinctly remember the book

What Daddies Do; a short rhyming tale of the different jobs

that fathers customarily have. Though the book seemed to be

aimed towards a male audience I found great joy when my

father would read it to me.

This book portrays men to be the worker of the family,

implanting definite gender roles in children. Some of the

occupations that are mentioned are firefighter, policemen,

construction worker, and daddies who wear suits. By

stating that only men hold jobs in these professions

children learn to associate the male species with them.

Also, because none of the positions mentioned involve

emotional or real person interaction, the impression that

men should not show their feelings is sent to the readers.

What Daddies Do does, however, teach a moral lesson to

children. By showing different Daddies doing diverse jobs,

the readers are taught that no one occupation is better than

the other.

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