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the Congress of Vienna

This essay is about the effects of the French Revolution on Europe, the

Congress of Vienna, and its goals. It will tell about the role of Nationalism,

Liberalism, and conservatism in this time period. Also it will tell of the

European’s revolutions between 1830 and 1848.

The Congress of Vienna’s main goals were to bring an end to the

Napoleonic wars and restore peace in Europe. There were two opposing political

philosophies that greatly influenced events in the 1800’s. They were Liberalism

and conservatism. Leberalism is a philosophy that supports guarantees for

individual freedom, political change, and social reform. At the time of the

Congress of Vienna, Liberals supported the ideas of the Enlightenment and the

French Revolution.

Conservatism is a philosophy that doesn’t want change that would

threaten that way of life. It supports the traditional political and social

order. Conservatives didn’t want nationalism because they thought that it would

overthrow the traditional political order.

The role of Nationalism is that during the Nineteenth century it had

begun the urge to form a nation. Liberalism supported nationalism at that time

because it united people in a common cause. On the other hand, Conservatives

feared nationalism because of its threat to overthrow the traditional political


The goals of the Congress of Vienna were the Balance of Power, which

meant no nation would be too strong or too weak. Another goal was the Return

of Monarchs. Louis XVIII issued a constitution to return. The Congress of

Vienna wanted to redraw borders. The leaders payed little attention to the

people when redrawing Europe. The Prince Metternich system was a system that

made absolute rule return. Four nations agreed to act as the ?Fire department?

of Europe, this was known as the Quad Alliance. The Holy Alliance said that

nations would let God guide their relations.

In conclusion to this essay, there are and were many different types of

people with different beliefs. Because everyone doesn’t have the same beliefs,

people disagree and fight. If everyone had the same thoughts on things, no one

would fight or disagree with each other.

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