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Drug Legalization 2 Essay, Research Paper


Every time I read a report on a newspaper or hear news on television about drug problems in our society, I always question about the law processors have to confront with drugs. Drugs are the fathers of all descending law violations such as raising market prices, black market, and crime. People still discuss the legalization of drugs. Some can argue that we should legalize drugs in order to govern the consumption rather than spend millions of dollars and face problems in controlling drugs if we do not legalize it. However, I think there are many unacceptable results of legalization of drugs that most supporters avoid; those are the increase of drug users, the inhumanity aspect, and the provoking of crime.

In It Isn t Working, William F. Buckley Jr. insists that legalization of drugs will bring an end to drug-related crime and illegal profits (Buckley 422). He mentions that the law processors seem to be unable to forbid the importation of dope, heroin, or marijuana. The addicts still have crack to inject. If the governments legalize drugs, besides the financial benefit earned from trading drugs, they can also save the money from spending in preventing drugs processes such as breeding 50 million drug-trained dogs to sniff everyone getting off a boat or an airplane (Buckley 423).

In contrast, legalization of drugs could raise the amount of addicts because it becomes easier for them to obtain this poisonous substance. If drugs are not legalized, the addicts have to overpass many barriers of laws to get the marijuana or sneak in the black market to purchase crack; these partly isolate them from drug attraction. Recently, a San Jose resident has received a business license to open a club to sell marijuana to people suffering from AIDS, cancer, and other ailments. (Buckley 468) The buyers must show their doctor s prescriptions. How about the addicts? To them, getting a prescription is untroublesome; they could make an imitation one. Furthermore, the sellers always desire the amount of consumers to increase in order to make a profit, and the addicts are the essential source to consume their customers can easily purchase drugs. Otherwise, these will come back to the black market.

The other disadvantage of legalization of drugs is inhumanity. The harms of using drug are so clear that we can not deny or ignore it. You can see that nowadays people are making affords to eliminate the drugs by their special strategies between country and country. Even they offer the worst purnishnment for people who buy and sell drugs: death. Furthermore, buying and selling drugs are one of national bans. Those things are enough to make you wonder about their effects, harms, and consequences.

In addition, Preventing Drug Problems , by Taha Baasher, said that The drug scene is infested with a wide range of socio-economic problems including criminality and violence, as well as posing serious health hazards. Concern is growing in an ever increase number of countries. Essentially, in order to develop effective preventive measures, it is important to identify the underlying motivation for using a drug. (Baasher 6) Drugs cause more damages to the mind or body than alcohol or tobacco many times. Violent crimes from drugs might rise up more after the end of prohibition instead of decreasing. As everyone knows, dope addicts, under the excited affect of drugs, will do any thing to get the next dose of cocaine. They will certainly never give up to commit violent crimes. I have heard that people feel extremely happy, rapturous, and satisfied after they use drugs. They feel as if they are in heaven. Thereafter, they are often addicted and hardly get risk of it. It is like they put their heads in the rope; the more they free themselves, the more they tie. Moreover, how can the addict ignore a vivid drug attraction when it always exists in front of them; most of them will not hesitate to burn their money for drugs. Gradually, they often forget their responsibility to make the money for their family and the responsibility as a family s member. Killing each individual, drugs gradually kill a generation and a society.

In another article, Violence, Crime, and Drugs , the Libertarian Party states that violent crimes, in general, increase more and more in the United States society, so the government has had to spend a great deal of resources to solve these problems. However, we waste our resources to get no result at all because most of these resources are revered for a battle we never win the war on drug. Drugs are put in an illegal situation; in this condition, drug prices have been pushed up and up to lead to a great attraction for trading. That makes not only drug pushers but dope addicts also commit many more crimes to protect their great profit from drugs should be relegalized in the United States to eliminate the enormous profit of drug trade. The main causes of drug-related violent crimes, reduce our crime problem, and devote our resources to fighting other crimes we can win instead of the war on drug.

What the Libertarian Party says about the possibility of elimination of drug-related crimes and reducing crime problems is really a new and interesting thing. However, I still disagree with their idea. I think that the end of drug prohibition will lead to some other problems with much more serious results. When drugs are legal and trades of it are easy, I am sure that the number of dope addicts will increase enormously year by year. Everyone knows, cocaine is known as highly dangerous and very addictive drug. If you are already tried it several times, you will quickly become addicted to cocaine and then hardly give it up. Following the increasing of dope addicts, drug- related death race would certainly go up. In brief, I disagree with them and think that drugs should not be relegalized forever.

The last bad aspect of legalization of drugs is that it provokes crime. Whenever a person becomes an addict, people seldom dare to hire him. He can not find a job; how can he have money to buy drugs? All the money he has is the gift from his relative or from other family s member. If nobody gives money to him, the only way to obtain the money may be to rob. When I was in Vietnam, I observed my cousin frightening my aunt in order to give him all her jewelry so that he could sell them and get money to satisfy his addiction crack. Worse, an addict can become a desperate killer if he is not satisfied.

In conclusion, it must be reiterated that drug problems are among the most damaging menaces of modern life. Their effective prevention calls for the development of all-out efforts, involving clear long-term policies in close harmony with all the social sectors concerned and with active community participation. Legalization of drugs is impossible because it can raise the numbers of the addicts, be inhumanity, and provoke crime. Therefore, we should limit possible addictions by control selling marijuana, cocaine, or any other kind of illegal drugs.

Work Cited:

- It Isn t Working. by Buckley Jr. William F. Subject and Stragedy. 7th Ed.

Eds. Paul Eschholz and Alfred Rose. New York: St. Martin s, 1996.

- Preventing Drug Problems. By Taha Baasher, Volume 4-article #16 from

WORLD HEALTH- Aug./Sept. 1995, pp. 6-9

- Violence, Crime, and Drugs. Adopted by The Libertarian National Committee,

23 August 1992

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