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Adolescence is the time in which people discover their coping mechanisms and which way is most beneficial for them to deal with stress and new situations. These learning experiences can often be difficult as adolescents have very little knowledge and experience in how to deal with these new situations and stress. Oftentimes, adolescents can feel depressed and are not certain on how to deal with this. They are experiencing many new emotions and feelings and it’s fairly common for an adolescent to not realize that what they are experiencing is something very common – depression. Young people today often feel as though they have no where to turn when their problems seem to be too large to handle. They feel as though there is no way out, and this is what leads to suicide and the staggering incline it’s been on over the past decade. There are many factors, which play a role in why so many teens are now turning to suicide, but this does not mean that they cannot be overcome. They are also many ways in which society can help young people see that there is more than one solution.

Stress and Depression and their contribution to Teen Suicide

As young people grow into adults it is a time of extraordinary change and stress for them and their families.

Murphy, James. Coping with Teen Suicide. New York: Rosen Publishing, 1999.

Schliefer, Jay. Everything you need to Know about Teen Suicide. New York: Rosen Publishing, 1999.


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