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Title- Queen of the Sixth Grade

Author- Ilene Cooper

The major character in the story I read was a girl

named Robin. Robin is confident, sweet, caring, a good

friend, respectful, and a little shy. Robin was the best friend

of the most popular girl in school named Veronica. Robin

had a crush on a boy named Jonathan. Veronica and Robin

made up a club and only allowed certain girls in it. It was

called the AKG S which means Awesome Kennedy

Girls. They even made up pins with the lettering akg s on

them. For their first party Veronica was going to have a

Halloween party and invite boys. Veronica asked Robin to

see if Jonathan liked her because Veronica wanted to go

with him to the party and she didn t know that Robin had a

crush on him. So when Robin told Jonathan that there was

a girl that wanted to go with him, he thought that Robin was

asking him to be her date. So Jonathan said Okay Robin

I ll be your date Robin said okay because she really wanted

to go with him anyway. The next day in school Robin told

Veronica that Jonathan asked her to be his date. They got

into a fight and Robin gave up her pin and got kicked out of

the club. Then no girl would ever speak a word to her because

Veronica told them all not to. Robin was miserable the few

weeks without any friends. She wasn t invited to the party.

So Robin and her mom signed her up for an acting class. She

knew a boy who went there and he is in commercials and other

T.V. Public announcements now. So she met a girl there

who was from her school and they became friends. Robin got

picked for a commercial and soon girls started talking to her.

Robin got happier and happier each day. Then one day the

girls from the AKG club (Except Veronica) came up to her

and asked her if she wanted to start a new club without

Veronica. Robin was shocked. The club had been ruined

without her!! Robin told them she ll think about it. Later on

Veronica came up to her and said she was sorry and wanted

to be friends again. She said she ll do anything to be friends

again. Robin was so excited!!! She tried to think of something

that would be soooo embarrassing. But then she decided now

Robin was popular and that she wanted to be a sweet, caring,

good friend unlike Veronica was!!!!!!!

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