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Neur-Ghandi Story Essay, Research Paper

The Nehru-Gandhi Story

I found the Nehru Gandhi Story to be depthly intriguing. It is a journey of struggle and sacrifice along a beaten path of relentless adversity. As displayed by the video, the old traditional economic state of India plays a very important part in the rich history of its land and people. This film shoes clearly India s fight for independence from Great Britain in 1947 is just a beginning to its dynamic story. Further more Gandhi existence is a salvation for the people of India’s lower class. He Was able to unite the masses with his spiritual leadership as well as give them a voice through his political mentorship relationship with Jawaharlal Nehru, India s Prime minister. Together they were able to unite the people of India and free it from Great Britain s rule.

Although Jawaharlal Nehru and Gandhi became great respecters of one and other, they initially came from very separated backgrounds. As the video illustrates, Jawaharlal Nehru comes from a wealthy upper class family. His father Mohole Nehru sent him to Engeland at a young age to be educated. Like his father Jahabalo excelled through his scholastic studies to emerge back in India as a lawyer. With a solid western education Jawaharlal had visions of the industrialization of India. In contrast, Gandhi was a leader amongst the populous lower class of India. Gandhi opposed modern industrialization and felt that its emergence would only hurt the lower class by leaving them further behind. The movie exemplifies Gandhi s beliefs through the description of his symbolized spinning wheel. Gandhi used the spinning wheel as an example of the self-sufficient groups of local villagers scattered amongst the social economic caste system of India. Gandhi s economic beliefs in the old traditional economy dove tails with his involvement in the lower class. The caste system of an old traditional economy was tradition, and Gandhi felt it should remain a function of India.

Although Jawaharlal Nehru and Gandhi worked side by side up until Gandhi s assassination, the movie shows Jawaharlal heading down the path towards industrialization following Gandhi s death. Jawaharlal began to open his eyes to the rapidly changing world around him, especially to his fare fetched nieghbores, Russia. Russia s rapid industrialization excited Jawaharlal and became a perfect model for India s future. Similar to Russia, Jawaharlal placed India on a five-year plan to achieve rapid industrialization. The state began the plan of rapid industrialization by deprivitizing many industries, as well as building its first major steel factory.

Following the death of Jawaharlal Nehru no one was able to reach the people on such a dramatic level until his daughter Indira Nehru captured the seat as Prime Minister of India. The movie shows Indira had to work very hard to gain the peoples trust and faith. Following her acceptance by the people, Indira went on to become known as The mother of India . Yet, this title would last only a short time. Indira s political power became weekend by her democratic malpractice, and soon was asked to step down.

As the words largest democracy the story of Nehru-Gandhi displays India’s governmental modulations and economic struggles through famine, to be dynamic and intriguing. The length of this movie is necessary to show the unique history of growing pains through which India has struggled. I would recommend this film to any student interested in India s rich history.

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