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Magic Johnson Essay, Research Paper

Biography Report

1. Give the name of the book underlined, the author, publisher, and original date of publication.

A. Magic Johnson Court Magician, by Richard Levin. The publisher is Regensteiner publishing Enterprises and the original date of publication is in 1981.

2. Discuss your subject?s home life and education.

A. Magic Johnson was born in Lansing on August 14, 1959. He is one of 10 children. His father?s name is Earvin, Sr. His mother?s name is Christine. His family believes strongly on religion and education before sports. He?s not the only one though who is an athlete in his family. His little sister attended the University of South Carolina on a basketball scholarship. Her nickname was ?The Sweet E.? He attended Everett High School in Lansing Michigan and held a 3.5 grade point average.

3. What unusual qualities or abilities contributed to his or her success?

A. A sportswriter named Fred Stabley covered games for The Lansing State Journal. He saw Earvin play against another school Holt High School. He thought that magic was unbelievable in the way that he played so he gave him the nickname ?Magic?.

4. Discuss several of his or her outstanding accomplishments.

A. In 1977, he led Everett High to win the Michigan state basketball championship. In 1978, as a freshman at Michigan State University, he led his team to a 25 and 5 record. In 1979, he led Michigan State to win the national championships and was named its most valuable player. He decides to turn pro and he is drafted number one in the draft by the Los Angeles Lakers. In 1982, he is named the MVP of the championship series. In 1984, He was given the ?Pivotal Player: Award of all-around excellence.

5. Summarize briefly three incidents that you would feature if you were to make a movie out of this book.

A. I think that everything that I just mentioned in the last question would be excellent to put in a movie about Earvin ?Magic? Johnson.

6. Has this book had any influence on your viewpoint, your way of thinking, or your own ambitions?

A. Yes I would have to say that this book has had a big influence on my way of thinking and ambitions. I have always slacked off and thought that if I didn?t get what I needed to done, that I would always have time the next day to get it done. This has taught me that success doesn?t come that way, and if I want to be successful, then I need to work hard and practice the skills that will help me get through my life. Earvin Johnson is a great example of this and I will always look up to him not only as a sports star, but a great man of skill and achievement.

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