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Elian Gonzales Essay, Research Paper

My opinion on the Elian Gonzales controversy is to return him to Cuba with his father. People are very passionate on both sides but clearly those who say Elian should stay in the United States are too sentimental. My reason for saying he should be returned is fairly simple: it is illegal to let Elian stay in the U.S.

Some critics have been saying that Elian will live a happier life if he stay in the United States, the free country. “Cuba is not a normal country , and if Elian is forced to return, he will not enjoy a normal childhood”(From www.capitalismmagazine.com/cuba) What is meant by “normal childhood”?

Each country has their own definitions of “normal childhood”. We can’t say the typical American childhood is the normal childhood for everybody. Secondly, is it guaranteed that Elian will live a happier life in the United States? Probably not. Focus on some other communism countries and you would find many of them living as happy as we are in the U.S.

Look around the world, many people have been waited for many years to be a legal citizen of U.S. and why could a little child stay in U.S. if the law doesn’t permit him to do so? How is the government going to explain this to millions of people who want to stay in the U.S. and are waiting desperately? Critics say that the child’s rights come first. It is his right to his own life that come first. “Each individual has an inalienable right to be free” but is the government going to fulfill all human beings on earth’s dreams and let them stay here? Are we responsible for that? Consider the possible consequences: what if there are millions of people from communism countries and say “I want to be free”?

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