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Clerk Typist Essay, Research Paper

There is something mysterious and powerful about dreams. For many years, I have wondered what dreams are really made of. I came up with two possible answers. First, I think dreams can provide an escape from or evaluation of every day reality. And secondly, I believe that certain images can be translated to provide hidden answers to daily problems.

I. Escape from or Evaluation of daily reality

A. Escape from stress (Ex: This allows the mind to rest and relax especially if you?ve had a bad day.

B. Escape from mistakes (Ex: This is an open opportunity to look back and analyze mistakes)

C. Escape to fantasy world (Ex: Opportunity to desire wants or needs)

D. Create a desire to succeed in a particular area

(Ex: Career, love & family relationships)

II. Why do I believe that certain dreams can translate hidden answers to daily problems?

A. Falling (Perhaps this is because you are possibly afraid of failure)

B. Stairs (Going up stairs could mean that you are on your way to success or downstairs mean you are too controversial)

C. Money (Finding money may mean, happiness is on the way)

D. Buying weapons (You are being deceived)

There they are, my two most likely theories on what dreams are made of which are escaping/evaluating reality and translating hidden answers to daily problems. Dreams are very important aspect to life and a way to solve life?s most difficult problems.

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