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In the dictionary conflict is defined as a struggle, a battle, even mutual antagonism. Some people seem to thrive on creating conflict while others do their best to avoid conflict.

Conflict arises when two or more value systems come up against each other. Using a simple example: Imagine a car at a four-way intersection. One of the two occupants decides it is better to go left. The other decides it is best to go right. There is now a conflict. The one who does not like conflict may back down and allow the other to have their way. The one who enjoys conflict may become aggressive and more determined to go the other person’s way.

The main reason that we run into conflict is because we are running into others who have a different value system. Your values are put to the test everytime you come into conflict.

The purpose of conflict is for you to examine and define your values. Life will always have you checking your values. People that appear to create conflict are announcing their values. Those who run from conflict, miss a great opportunity to understand more about the thinking and reasoning of others. Those who run from conflict miss the opportunity to clarify their values.

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