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The Westward Expansion Essay, Research Paper

The westward expansion was a new concept for Americans in the 1770s. In their minds there was a abundance of land out west just waiting to be claimed. The people that moved out west thought they were doing no harm, but in reality they committing genocide which is the complete annihilation of an entire race of people.If somebody is taking things from you that is very special to you what is your natural reaction?. Its to fight back and try to regain the special thing back. That is what the native Americans did to the settlers started to take there land so they started to defend it. But no we didn?t get the clue. We had no real consideration toward the native Americans. We didn?t ask to take there land we just did. Also the Euro-Americans had this huge group of people coming expecting land to start a family and a bigger and better life for them selves. There is no way you?re going to get so many people hopes up so hi the slam it down by saying that the Native American were there first so they all would have to go home. NO WAY!!. So we just kept on going on there were swarms of settlers they were coming from foreign countries and from the east.They needed a better more efficient way to transfer people and there belongings so we started making the railroad System. Back then everything was made be hand so the rail roads couldn?t turn much so sometimes the rail roads would go right through the middle of a tribe. Ferther on with the completion with the rail roads more and more people came to settle in the west. Image living in that time as an Native American the feeling of hatred toward you from theses new people that don?t even speak the same language as you, and are taking over your home land. If it were me not only would I be scared but I would be mad. Still after being attacked by the Native Americans we thought that they were trying to kill us so we fought back. We used the gun which is much more deadly then a bow and arrow or a spear. So the Native Americans couldn?t do much to stop us. Eventually we made a treaty allowing the Indians there own spots of land for there people, and to try to live there live as they used to. Today there is still a predugest agents the native Americans. Some people look at the Native Americans and think that they are all drunks but those are all stereotypes. I believe that what we did was wrong but if we didn?t do it I wouldn?t be here today.

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