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Emergence Of The Nuclear Age Essay, Research Paper

Emergence of the Nuclear Age

I feel the most important issue which I learned in class was of the

emergence of the nuclear age. I feel that this is important due to the fact

that it totally redefines war and also the future of war. When I say nuclear

age, I specifically mean the potential of every nation possessing nuclear

weapons. The importance of this is that any country, whether super power or

third world, would then have the potential to destroy any opponent, for any

reason. What makes this issue so important to not only me, but to the world

population, are the repercussions which nuclear weapons possess. The problem is,

“the no win aspect of nuclear weapons,” as stated in “Strategic Nuclear Weapons”

by James F. Dunnigan. Any race, religion, or nation could be wiped out in the

flick of a switch, and that effects every person on this planet. Some may say

that the nuclear age does not demand cognizance because the cold war is over,

but it does because eleven nations, and growing, currently posses nuclear war

heads. In the past, ideals were the driving force in war, but now they take the

back seat to nuclear weapons.

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