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Cinderella Essay, Research Paper

Cinderella (The stepsisters)

One day this girl decides to waltz into our home and tries to be ?Miss Everything?, but to us, she?s nothing. It?s as if she?s trying to steal all the good things we have, but thank G-d we have the control over her. We are allowed to say, ?Cinderella, do this!? and, ?Cinderella, do that!?, but we can?t take complete advantage of her (unfortunately). In our opinion, we think that since she is just here for no reason but for our mother and ourselves to boss her around, she should clean up her act and get a real job that actually pays money. She should have never been born. She does everything so slow like once, we never got our laundry until the next day, and sometimes we have to wait for like about twenty minutes just to for her to prepare breakfast! We think that she should be anywhere else but with us. She ruins everything like when she got to marry the prince and neither of us could! She ended up with the best life when we were supposed to be her bosses and her life was supposed to be miserable. We were supposed to tell her what to do for the rest of our lives, (Or hers for that matter). We feel that we didn?t deserve any bad thing that we got in return for being so kind to her. Now that we think about it, we were a little harsh, but other than that, we were so nice to her. She should repay us with anything that we would like for doing everything for her, like helping her get a job and stuff. When we got her the job, I think that we were a little bit drunk because who in there right mind would want Cinderella to be in their home? I know that we wouldn?t have if we weren?t drunk.


Cinderella by the StepSisters

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