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My Bedroom Essay, Research Paper

My favourite place in the entire world is my bedroom. My bedroom and I are one. My bedroom personifies me. It is the only place that allows me to be me. My bedroom is mine. I have complete control over it and everything in it. The only regulations in my bedroom are those I decide on. I find that I can spend hours in my room without getting bored. This is a very important advantage my room provides for me as well as for my family. There are so many things to do in here; get on the net, watch TV, play on the Nintendo, listen to something on my stereo, study or most importantly, laze around (which is what I do best). The Internet provides me with a gateway to the real world. It s features are numerous and as this is a short story I cannot list them all. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is what I love most and use most. But even IRC would not be the same if I wasn t in the comfort, privacy and warmth of my bedroom.Watching television is great only in my bedroom and not the lounge, kitchen or any other room. This is because in my room, I get the remote!

Although many would argue Nintendo is Nintendo no matter where you are, I differ in my opinion. If I d play anywhere else, my little brother and sister would sit there nagging, I wanna turn! Mum, Karim won t let me play! If you don t let me have a turn I ll restart it! Gimme! But in my room, everyone plays by my rules.Listening to my stereo is one of the greatest benefits that my room offers me. I can listen to Quran in full blast stereo surround sound and nobody can tell me to turn it down.As for studying I can study very well in my room away from all the hullabaloo going on outside. I can study in my room for many hours with full concentration without being distracted.As for lazing around, there s no need to explain. Where else would you or could you just sit there doing nothing? All the things mentioned above clarify my main reasons for my bedroom being my favourite place in the world. But overall I think the fact that my bedroom is mine seems incomparable to the others.

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