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Communication Goal Statement Essay, Research Paper

Part I:

I am currently working at the as a social worker assistant. Prior to working at the nursing home I was employed at a restaurant as a general manager. I have found that my current job to be very rewarding. The reason I am majoring in social work is because I have a strong desire to help people, make things better, and make a difference in people s lives. My goal is to become a licensed social worker and work in the gerontology field.

The communication skills I currently use in the field of social work are as follows:

1. Listening skills, such as listening to the client and understanding client needs and wants more carefully and responsively. Acknowledging the feelings they are expressing. Compassionately allowing them to express their feelings. Listening and reflecting back on what I hear allows me to identify client s thoughts. Listening in the field of social work is crucial in understanding client s situation. Listening responsibly lets the client know you care about them.

2. Explaining conversational intent and invite client consent. In order to help client cooperate and reduce any misunderstandings, invite client to join in the kind of conversation you want to have. Whether it may be long, complex, or short, explain intention and invite the consent o the client. This step has encouraged me to expand possible conversations and practice in a variety of conversations. It also allows client to trust and understand where conversation is heading.

3. Interviewing skills, which are used daily in the field of social work. Questioning clients is a very important part in assessing the client. Learning how to use open-ended as well as close-ended questions at the appropriate times is crucial when assessing the client. Asking questions is a powerful tool in focusing conversational attention and guiding interaction with others. There are many creative possibilities in using interviewing skills.

4. Expressing appreciation is important in building relationships with the people around me in the nursing home as well as the social work field. Expressing delight, affirmation, encouragement, and gratitude is an important part in appreciation technique. The nursing home continually requires social workers to attend to problems and it gets very easy to see what may need to be fixed. By giving appreciation makes the relationship with the client strong and easier to when working with client problems or disagreements. It also gives the client a sense of self- worth and a higher self-esteem.

5. Non-verbal skills play an important role in the field of social work. Signs or emotions or body language can be said as different non-verbal communication tools. We use non-verbal communication several times a day. Every person can interpret facial expressions differently. Our body language is an important part of non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication completes the words, or messages we want to send. If I am not looking directly at the client he/she may feel I am not listening to them or do not care what they are saying. Fidgeting may show boredom or disinterest to what the client may be talking about. Non-verbal cues can hurt or helping the social work profession. The client can shut him/herself out and may no longer communicate or trust you if you do not use the proper non-verbal communication with them.

Part II: Assessing my communication skills

Communication strengths:

1. Listening

2. Interviewing

3. Non-verbal communication

4. Appreciation

5. Attending to needs/wants

Communication weaknesses:

1. Holding attention to conversation & understanding personal side of gratefulness

2. Handling disagreements & criticisms

3. Stimulating conversation

4. How to relax

5. Speed talking

Part III: Goals

1. My first goal is to hold attention. I plan to pay more attention to conversations by understanding clients environment and living situation. I am going to become more aware of all the different experiences people have. Or should I say I would learn to explore the personal side, gratefulness. For example, a former Vietnam Veteran may say I went to Vietnam and got really messed up . Another from the same combat may say In my family we get through difficult times by staying close . Even though they have experienced the same horrors of war their different themes keep them looking for and paying attention to different kinds of experiences in the present. The important thing to remember is life is always larger than our stories or events of a person s life. This opens a path toward giving gratitude for all people in this world. When working in nursing homes all the elderly have to look forward to are talking and communicating with anyone. To tell their stories and hope people understand how everyone has lived many different ways. With kindness we can thank themes that may have helped us make a sense of life, and gently move toward all the good things that happen in our life. Another way this can be helpful is to keep a journal of gratitude. By looking at paying attention in this way it shines a whole new look on paying attention to anyone s conversation. Paying attention to your clients can be inspiring to life and bring great joy to the elderly population. I would like to see 30% improvement.

2. My second goal is to handle disagreements and criticisms. I plan on having meetings with the licensed social workers and get educated on how to handle particular situations. I also plan to get more involved in the seminar/practicum class to help me continue to improve handling situations by asking the professor and students questions. In order to get more cooperation from others I will use more specific action oriented language rather than generalizations as whys , don ts or you should s . I will use it would , help me , or if you would . I have learned from my supervisors that making requests leaves us much more vulnerable in relation to our conversation partners rather than making criticisms or complaints. So people have a tendency to complain rather than request. So in order to improve getting cooperation from the client I will ask for what I need. To avoid criticism from clients I will try and approach client as a problem-solving partner so it will focus the client s attention on that particular situation. I can ask my supervisor how to translate my complaints and criticisms into specific requests. I want to see 20% improvement.

3. My third goal is to stimulate conversation. In order for me to stimulate conversation I must learn new communication skills. I will see this challenge as an opportunity to grow in skill and awareness. I can speak with enthusiasm. I can show the client that I am committed and delighted with the conversation. I can also use this effective public speaking class to the best of my ability. Understanding the fundamentals of effective speaking can play an important role in conversation skills. Learning the basic skills, developing confidence, and speaking effectively will play an important role in stimulating conversation. I want to see 30% improvement.

4. The fourth goal is to learn how to relax when speaking in public. I can concentrate on all the positive results of having the conversation. I can also use physical preparation. Learn to relax my body and face by doing exercises of particular body parts. I can practice in front of family and friends. I can prepare by videotaping myself and seeing what I may want to improve to help me relax more. I want to see 10% improvement.

5. My fifth goal is to control speaking too fast. I can do mediation, which can help me relax tremendously before speaking. I can tape record myself, and playback to monitor my speech patterns. I can use it as a tool in to directing me where to speak slowly. I can also rehearse in front of the mirror, in front of friends or family members. I want to see 10% improvement.

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