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In every revolution, there seems to be a few guidelines that it must follow. It seems that almost all revolutions, in their radical phases, tend to have the characteristics of excessive cruelty, extreme violence, and denials of the rights of freedom. But the question that befuddles many is why they always become this way. And as the facts are laid out in front of you, the reasons just seem to pop out at you.

In every revolution known from history has done some of the same things. In every revolution, there is a point in time where a new form of governing decides to try out a new way of doing something. Whether it be the church being changed to Catholicism, or a new way to rule the country, there are always the people who do not believe that this is the best way to run the government. And with this people many revolts and riots may occur. These cause the people in the country to join in, causing chaos and possibly a civil war.

As well as the radical changes being done to the government, there are usually immense changes to the rights of the citizens. As with the French Revolution, all people were referred to as Citizen. Louis the XVI became known as Citizen Capet. Theses new rights that the citizens received or were taken away from caused many uproars. Women in every revolution have tried to advance their rights. This was in hope of gaining true equality with males. Even in modern day, these traits still follow.

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