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Socrates: The Search For Self Essay, Research Paper

Many philosophers of the past, if they were living today, would probably be against abortion. The philosopher that I believe would be against abortion the most would be the great philosopher Socrates. To describe Socrates was a good fighting man, but his outer appearance was grotesque. He was a stout man with prominent eyes and a snub nose, who seemed very calm on the outside. Although his students knew he was a man of many words. Socrates was a man who spent most of his time outdoors.

If Socrates were alive today and had to decide whether he was pro-choice or pro-life, I would say he would be pro-life. Socrates would be against abortion for the reason he was a man of god. He found it easy to combine his own strong beliefs in God like most Christian people; he was against abortion for it is the taking of someone’s life. Socrates is a man early fascinated by the ideas of human self, he realized and quoted “The unexamined life is not worth living”. This is another reason why he and other Sophists would be against pro-choice. This states, to me, that if you don’t examine life or the meaning of life then there is no reason for anyone live because you don’t know what you are living for. So if you don’t give a new born baby a chance to live then you shouldn’t have a chance to live either. The example of Socrates own life and death reminds everyone of the importance of the human intelligence, and the freedom to use that intelligence. This would almost be a contradicting statement. People do have a right to use their own good judgement and surely the freedom of their own intelligence, but not if you are making the wrong decision by taking a life away from one who has a right to live then maybe you can’t make responsible decisions on your own. Everyone should have some sort of chance to live.

There is a specific message from God which Socrates brought to his fellow man

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