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The Buddha laid down the rules of self healing and called it the fourth noble truth of the path. Yet, in order to comprehend the eightfold path, one must understand the first three noble truths.

The first noble truth is suffering. One must understand three characteristics of existance: life is everchanging, insubstantial, and unknowing. One must take themselves out of a distorted view upon life.

The second noble truth is cause of suffering. Buddha said the cause of such sufferings is desire and attachment.

The third noble truth is the end of suffering. Buddha believed one could experience release from such sufferings with an idea called nirvana. One must endure selfish cravings. Nirvana takes one’s state of ming to a peaceful outlook upon things.

The fourth noble truth is the Eightfold Path. The first two steps deal with wisdom. The following three deal with moral conduct and the last three deal with meditation.

The first step in the path is right understanding.This means one must have understood the first two noble truths to get to the state of Nirvana. One must understand they are responsible for their own lives. One must also understand how they live and how it affects others.

The second step is right intentions. One must free themselves of all selfish cravings. One must also bring peace and happiness by trynig to change one’s attitude towards giving , sharing and kindness.

The third step is right speech. One must learn to think before they speak. Words can be very strong. One must also learn to train their speech to that which is gentle and appealing to the ear.

The fourth step is right conduct. One must know not to hurt any living creatures. That is because they are here to live just as we are. This also means to respect other people’s property.

The fifth step is right livelihood. After observing right speech and right conduct, right livelihood automatically follows. This means one must make a living the honest way and without hurting others.

The last three steps:right effort, right mindfulness, and right state of mind, all fall under meditation. It is said that meditation deals with getting to knoww what things are really are.

The sixth step in the Eightfold Path is right effort. One needs to see who they are. They must free themselves of what else is goin on in their lives and focus on finding the right answers in life.

The seventh step, right midfulness, is the beginning of the final stage. One must put themselves in a state of mind where they now know the meaning of what things are and their doings.

The eighth step, right state of mind, is where one now has a greater appreciation of life. One knows the insubstantial ways of life and is filled with enlightenment.

Throughout his life, Buddha observed the right and wrongs. He also received much knowledge. Buddha believed that anyone could reach enlightenment. By followind these few steps, one can be enlightened and have respect from others as well as themselves.

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