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Medea Essay, Research Paper


The Greeks Honored the god Dionysus throughout the year. In the

month of march they had a festival in which great writers such as

Euripides had plays performed. Among these plays is Medea.

Medea was married to Jason and would have two children with

him. They moved to Cornith and lived under the rule of Creon. After

living in Cornith for 10 years Jason turned around and married Glauce,

the daughter of Creon.

Medea did not take well to that idea and was ready to seek revenge

on Jason. Creon decides to have Medea exiled as to avoid her jealous

acts. When Medea is told this, by Creon, she begs to be permitted to

stay for one more day so that she can arrange for her refuge.

After a visit from Jason the ruler of Athens, Ageus, shows up and

tells Medea to come to Athens to seek refuge. Jason returns and Medea

convinces him to allow the children to stay in Cornith. When the

children return to Glauce with presents from Medea not knowing that

Medea had poisoned the gifts Glauce wears them and is poisoned along

with Creon. After still seeking revenge Medea kills the children and

refuses Jason to ever touch them again. By this Jason is devastated,

Medea has had her Vengeance.

Which brings us to the question, “Is Medea a which or woman

worth of pity”? My answer for this is neither. Medea did use a poison

that she cooked up to kill the king and his daughter. Medea was also a

confused woman who wanted vengeance for Jason leaving her. I would

rather say that Medea was a psycho. Not only does this explain her

actions, but is she ever goes on trial this plea will help her out.

This story reveals that there is a good side and a bad side to

everything. From the marriage of Medea and Jason to the vengeance

Medea seeks both good and bad happen. When Euripides wrote this he

must have planned for his audience to side with Medea’s pitiful soul, and

at the same time despise her for her murderous actions.

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