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If There Were More Words Essay, Research Paper

lifes most unansward questions

if you could think of one question about life, what would it be? every one whants to know the most unexsplained questions, there are. one exsample that ive wondered all my life, how did God get here? I ask my dad once, and he said”the best I can exsplain to you is, for human kind, there has always been a begining for every thing, and this is the most hardest question there is to answer, but one day everyone will know some day.

” cristie this is a question that not even the smartest persone on the earth could exsplain to you.” I realize the need to know every unexsplained answer there is, but there is some questions out in the world, that some of us may never know. one time my brother said” life is not a fifty question test, we were not put on this earth to know every thing there is to know, we are here to make the best of it that we can.” it took me six years to find out what he was trying to say. he was telling me that dont make life harder than it seems, I dont need to know evrey detail of lifes curves, we each have a different dead line to the end of are exsistence, so Im saying each single one of us needs to live are lives to fullest, and most outstanding, that we can.

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