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Dying Dream Essay, Research Paper


Today is the day that the hope inside me died,

but how I wish that someone could know,

I realized today and I sat down and cried.

Something I loved is becoming my foe.

I thought that I could do it,

I knew I could if I tried.

But I realized I cannot do it,

my hope is no longer alive.

I didn’t want to let anybody down.

I thought I was succeeding.

But now I know my dream has been drown.

And now my heart is bleeding.

I can no longer see the finish line,

I can no longer see the sun.

This despair has made me go blind,

and doubting has begun.

I hope I am foreseeing things,

and counting my ducks before they hatch,

saying something before the fat lady sings,

but the truth, it doesn’t match.

I know now it won’t happen anymore,

I will not reach my goal,

I think I knew that before,

but I blocked the truth from my soul.

Its time to pack my dream away,

cause it will never be.

I know this might come to you in dismay,

but I hope one day you will see.

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