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The Tale Of Roby McGee Essay, Research Paper

Once, in the small town of Pentagram Village there lived a man named Robby McGee. He was a Little man, in body and in heart. Although Robby McGee was a butcher by day he was a monster by night. He lead a horrible life and many horrors did he inflict upon many innocent passers by and his life is a horrible story, the one which you, in fact, are about to read.

Robby McGee Died at the age of 69, a bitter man old before his time and to the townsfolk just a grumpy old recluse but those who knew him well and lived to tell the tale told a different story indeed. For the horrors of robby McGee were more horrible than any sane person could conceive. Among other things Robby McGee was a Necropheliac of the worst kind for although he slept with the dead he hated a cold body and only one kind of dead body is not cold, a fresh one. Robby’s conscience told him it was wrong but over the years the time for witch he could restrain himself was shorter and shorter and although the bodies were never found, Pentagram Village has the world record for missing persons reports that went unsolved between the years of 1919 and 1969, a total of 666 innocent mothers, adolescent children and young women disappeared forever into the twisted satanic world of Robby McGee. For although no one knows it the famous sausages Robby made, they won 1st place at the county fair 15 times, was only 45% animal meat and provided Robby with not only a perfect way of disposing of the bodies after he was done with them but a sick kick out of watching people eat their own relatives and not ever suspecting a thing. This psychotic game of his continued on for 50 years and although robby is dead no one knows what happened in his butcher shop after the lights went out.

As the years passed robby got bored with his normal routine, wait for a full moon, find a person all alone knock them out, slit there throat sleep with them, after 1948 robby began inventing strange games to play with his victims in the beginning they were simple games like ?cut her throat and see if you can finish before she is completely dead,? but as the years progressed they evolved into cunning mind games they would play for faced with death and not knowing that it is certain to come in the end will do most anything one of his favorites was to tell them that if they could answer his riddle he would let them go and then after asking them a simple riddle which they almost always got right he would let them out into his back yard where he kept his 5 Doberman?s, the ones he didn?t feed for three days before he caught his victim. In the last year he took to taking sisters telling them the same riddle and saying the one who answered correctly first would go free and the other would die, then letting the one who answered correctly into the dobermans yard and making the other watch then asking her the same question only telling her that if she answered correctly the dobermans would get her and if she was wrong he would get her. At the age of 69 Robby McGee passed away of a heart attack, or so it is said but it was no natural heart attack for the spirit of an unsolved murder victim never rests until the soul of their murderer rests in hell below them.

By Ben

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