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Human Relations

Motivation vs. Procrastination

The theme I chose for my first reflection is procrastination vs. motivation. I chose this

because I felt it represents the initial struggles I had in writing this reflection and the

struggles I have had in my life. Through out my life I feel I have been an achievement

-motivated procrastinator. The definition of that for me is that although I wait until the last

minute to do things is I have the enthusiasm and desire to work hard to achieve the

American dream. In reading chapter 1, I discovered that a lot of the conflicts in the

workplace and home are based on these two nouns. Most people are motivated to do

something in life but for one reason or another they put things off. I believe that self-esteem

and self-awareness play a key role in how motivated we are. In the Hawthorne Experiment

conducted by Elton Mayo from 1927-1932. Mayo discovered that although the conditions

for the employees changed, for example, they changed from bright lights to dim lights, it

did not effect their production it still improved. The reason, he concluded was because there

was recognition and praise given to them, which caused an increase in their production.

The employees self image and self-esteem improved because they felt someone cared about

their issues. Robert Owens introduced the idea that if you treat the workers better they will

increase their productivity. Again the self-image and self -esteem of the person is key to

productivity. If we feel people care about us we tend to work harder for them and are more

loyal. When our self-esteem is high we tend to have better communication with co-workers

and family. Through that communication we can develop better interpersonal skills and

mutual respected relationships. Knowing oneself and understanding what it is that makes

you motivated is the key to achieving success. For me a lot of my motivation is that I have to

take care of my 11-year-old daughter. Knowing that she depends on me for her future gives

me the push I need to go to look for work and to achieve success. My daughter is my

motivation Even though I am procrastinator, my motivation to achieve is stronger than

my procrastination.

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