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Psycology Essay, Research Paper

Which psychologist?s theory best describes your own personality?

Personality can best be described as ?personal qualities of an individual?. No two people have the same personality, but yet all the different personalities in the world can be characterized into 4 main theories. The four psychologists that thought up the four theories are Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, and Abraham Maslow. (pg.64) Each man based his theory on a different part of a person?s personality development. The theory that best describes my personality is Maslow?s.

Maslow?s theory suggested that human needs could be put onto different levels, as if on a pyramid. (Pg. 65) Lower or more basic needs must be met before higher needs can be satisfied. (pg.65) For example, Maslow has the need for water, food and shelter at the bottom of the pyramid. As everyone knows a life as an underprivileged person is much harder then that of a wealthy person. It takes more strength to be underprivileged and rise to the top, knowing you did not start out with all the basic needs.

Maslow?s theory best describes my personality because I agree with what he says that people need to satisfy the smaller needs of their life before going on to satisfy the bigger ones. In my life, I know that if I did not have the essential needs, such as water, food, shelter I would be depressed and saddened. It would be hard for me to push myself to do things such as go to school, get a job because I would feel lower then other classmates, or other employees. If I did not have shelter or a place I could go to then I would not be able to feel secure which would also keep me from loving my family and friends. Without family and friends it would be hard to gain esteem to reach higher and higher then what I have already mastered, or learned.

Even in my own life I have come across examples of Maslow?s theory. One example is when a class project was assigned and I did not have the correct materials. Not having those materials made me feel as thought I could not move on to the next step, which would be doing the project. Another example of how Maslows theory has taken shape in my own life is something as simple as forgeting a lunch, or lunch money. Without having the basic essential need, food, I was hungry and did not feel I could go on the rest of the day in school.

Maslow?s, pyramid formed way of showing the developmental needs of people best suits my personality. I feel that in order to go on in life I need to have all the things ?under my belt? to support me as I try and achieve higher things. Everything in life needs a strong base, whether it be someones personality or a building. Without a strong base the structure, whatever it is, that is trying to be built up will not stay strong. My personality is very much built around that feeling of security. That is why Maslow?s theory explains my personality best.

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