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Affirmative Action Essay, Research Paper

Would you like a nice promotion or an extra Christmas bonus check in the mail when you go home? Or for the people that don?t work would you like to go out and qualify for a job you know your perfect for. Well you can forget all about it if you work for a company that has a policy called affirmative action. Why, because the company you work for has to hire a group of trainees for the job because they need to train the people who should have never got the job in the first place. The only reason these people got the job was because they were under qualified and the company had to meet a minority standard according to affirmative action. These people did not get the job because they were over qualified, because of standard achievement, degrees of any kind, or any academic knowledge. The fact is that affirmative action should be dropped for the simple fact it very well violates the constitution of the United States of America.

Affirmative action policies, in the form of preferential collage admission, preferential hiring races, and preference exercised in issuance of government contracts and government aid may very well violate the 14th. Amendment as well as title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. In 1964, almost 100 years prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the 14th Amendment to the constitution of the United States of America was passed, the relevant portion witch I consider in this case witch I stated that is based on race and gender follows:

?No state shall make or enforce any law witch shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall state? deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal projection of the laws.?

Affirmative action is unfair and has bad effects on people in our society and in schools. Affirmative action in schools is unfair treatment towards the students and the teachers. Some people may argue that it is fair because of different divorces among the different races, but the truth is that it is not fair nor honest if a group of people attended a university and got excepted because of the basis of there race. The means which university accepts students are and should be limited to academic knowledge and academic achievement. For example, say a university has a policy of affirmative action and are accepting students now because of race. Say 10% of minorities are the because of affirmative action and 15% of minorities are there because academic achievement. You now have a group of 25% of minorities and only 15% should really be there. But no one knows that, people may look at these people different thinking there only there because of affirmative action. In reality they were there because academic knowledge. These people are discriminated against and are segregated. Is that fair? Another example, say a teacher has a minority in his or her class and thinks the student is behind the rest of the class because he or she is not as smart as everyone ales in the class. The teacher thinks this because of affirmative action, in realty the student had top grades in the graduating class. Then the teacher approaches the kid after class offering to help the student after class. The student gets insulted and feels bad. Is that fait? That is also discrimination by the teacher did not mean any harm only wanted to help. This is what affirmative action causes. Affirmative action is not also bad in schools it is also bad in the work force.

Affirmative action in the work is not needed and causes more problems then it solves. First of all it is extremely unfair to the common every day hard worker and to the public. For instance why should someone get a job according to affirmative action setting quotas on what people to hire, the jobs should be left open for the best person for the job. For example say you?re a fire fighter and you go to take the test and pass it incredibly but got refused the job because they have to meet certain quotas for affirmative action. Now someone ales got the job who is not as good as you would have been. Sure there is more jobs now for the minorities but at the same time it also can hurt the public as well. Say that same person who got the job over you now has to go to a burning apartment and has to save a baby on the tenth floor. That person has to run up the ten flight of stairs and on the fifth floor realizes he or she is not fit for the job and can?t make it. That baby dies all because of affirmative action, when you know the person who should have got the job could have easily made it up the stairs with no problem.

In conclusion affirmative action is not necessary for the common good for people today. I have gave many examples and stated all the points that affirmative action is no longer effective in today?s society. It also violates the constitutional rights of the United States America on the 14th amendment.

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