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Meat Inspection Essay, Research Paper

Meat Inspectors Case

Ed Wywiorski worked as a USDA meat inspector for 42 years when he

was indicted, along with 39 other inspectors, for ?accepting things of

value,? or ?accepting bribes?(353). Immediately, all 40 inspectors were

suspended without pay. The USDA office gave the inspectors a written

notice of their suspension and 48 hours to respond. However, several of

the inspectors appealed to the Civil Service Commission stating that it

was illegal to suspend them before they had been tried or convicted of

the crimes. Six inspectors were allowed to return to work until the end

of the trial.

Ed Wywiorski?s trial began the following April. He was indicted

on eight charges of receiving meat, but four of the counts were dropped.

There were three witnesses who testified at his trial who claimed that

they gave Wywiorski four bundles of meat. The most damaging testimony

came from John McNeil, who was working at Colonial Provision Company, in

quality control. McNeil produced four cards, one for each transaction,

which included information such as the amount of meat, the date, and the

inspector?s initials. These four cards had Wywiorski?s initials on

them(353). Ed accepted an offer to plead guilty to these charges and in

return the prosecution would recommend two years probation and a fine.

However, judge Caffrey sentenced Ed to one year in prison and a $1,000

fine(354). Most of the inspectors that were indicted were found guilty

based on the testimony of John McNeil, and given a sentence of serving

time in prison.

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