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Up Dikes ?A & P? And Barbara?S ?The Lesson? Essay, Research Paper

In Up dikes ?A & P? and the Barbara?s ?The Lesson? both stories are portrayed as using slang and even foul language to get their views across. Many of the language used expresses how both narrators view their way of life. The narrators are both a part of different societies, which shows how language differs in both characters. The foul language used in both stories does compare to the modern way our young youth talk today in every day life. Both narrators in both stories experience different views on situations that they are faced with.

In ?The Lesson? Sylvia seems to disagree on everything Mrs. Moore is trying to make a point of how poor need to wake up and demand their share of the pie (163). Her language also expresses her views of Mrs. Moore. For example, Sylvia states, ?she was always planning these boring-ass things for us to do? (159). Which shows that Sylvia had no interest on what Mrs. Moore is actually trying to teach these kids, is not to plan boring things for them to do but to take them out in the real world to see exactly how societies are different from what they grew up in. Furthermore, Mrs. Moore takes the kids to a toy store located in a suburban town outside of Boston on Fifth Avenue where mostly the white people are located, to brose around inside and look at all the different toys and their extremeness prices. Mrs. Moore wants to set an example for them how what kind of society they live in which some people can spend on a toy what it would cost to feed a family of six or seven (164). Sylvia is a poor child who grew up in the slums, which explain her everyday use of foul language due to the environment; she grew up in and can relate today on how you could live in different parts of your city or hometown and have different use of language. Sylvia also states how she never talked to Mrs. Moore how she wouldn?t even give the bitch the satisfaction (162). Sylvia feels she is to good for Mrs. Moore she has nothing to say to her or ask her, she feels she doesn?t need to give her the satisfaction as to answering her questions or concerns in any way. Towards the end of the story Mrs. Moore asks questions, ?if anyone learned anything today,?(164) and Sylvia seems to ignore that and walks away as the whole day never happened and her and sugar run off to the Hascombs to spend the money they kept that was Mrs. Moors. Sylvia seems to ignore everything and has no morals; she also feels that no one will beat her at nothing.

In ?A &P? Sammy?s language differs from Sylvia?s. The language used is more detailed and descriptive rather than foul and slang language. The story takes place in a town north of Boston where the language will differ coming from a mature young man who works in a convenience store and the part of society he grew up in. Sammy describes the girls he comes in contact with as ?and there was this chunky one, with the two-piece, there was this one, with one of those chubby berry-faces, the lips all bunched together under her nose, this one, and a tall one, with black hair that hadn?t quite frizzed right, and one of these sun burns right across under the eyes, and a chin that was to long ?you know, the kind of girl other think is very ?striking? and ?attractive? but never quite makes it (481). The language used by Sammy is a lot more descriptive rather than just labeling a person. Sammy is a lot more mature and knows about life and the consequences it may offer he is put in a situation where his decision may no be satisfying to everyone. Sammy use of language could have been a lot harsher when he said the words ?I Quite,? but it shows how Sammy a mature adult handles the situation in a nice manner. ?Sammy, you don?t want to do this to your mom and dad,? he tells me. It?s true I don?t. But it seems to me that once you begin a gesture it?s fatal not to go through with it (484). This shows how Sammy has morals rather than Sylvia who feels she doesn?t know right from wrong as Sammy who knows he did wrong but just that he started something and he felt the right thing to do was to finish it.

Sammy like Sylvia both seem to ignore the values and the counsels of the adults that surround them, both youths come from different societies but seem to have the same views of life. Youths today have been faced with different situations where they ignore the values of life and what it might offer if thought upon the right way.

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